We are experts developing trading bots in traditional markets, to develop them focusing it in crypto currency markets.

We make dozens of trades daily in different exchanges and with different coins. Our main trades are based in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero but also in other coins guided by our experience, news, events…

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1. Can I choose my currency of payment?

No at the moment we only have the Bitcoin processor working, you will receive directly your payments in your Bitcoin wallet.

2. Why payments only works Monday through Friday?

Our bots are not 100% automatic they need human setup depending on markets conditions and we don't works on weekends.

3. Can I change my payment wallet?

No, once the investor provide the payment wallet id it's encrypted and keep it in our database.

4. Why I can't invest more than 60 BTC?

This restriction is subject to certain volumes of some coins in exchange markets and the proper functioning of our bots.

5. I have more questions where I contact you?

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