US University Offers 2 New Cryptocurrency Courses

US University Offers 2 New Cryptocurrency Courses

Marianne Lewis of the University of Cincinnati confirmed the offering of two new cryptocurrency courses in her higher education institution.

She is the Carl H. Lindner College of Business dean who tackled the benefits of the new courses to students.

We are pleased to read this report today about the two new cryptocurrency courses the University of Cincinnati in the US state of Ohio will begin offering their students this coming fall.

We think our followers, who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, will also benefit from learning about this news, so we are sharing it on our portal.

Based on the report posted online by, a website delivering finance and cryptocurrency industry updates, Lewis thanked donors University of Cincinnati economics alumnus Woodrow Uible and K&S Companies co-founder Dan Kautz for facilitating the offering of the two new cryptocurrency courses.

In the press release, she relayed that her university’s students would acquire hands-on and experiential education in what she referred to as financial technology’s new frontier.

Lewis cited that the University of Cincinnati learners would discover cryptocurrency management and how virtual assets impact the United States’ economy.

Additionally, the University of Cincinnati official said the two new cryptocurrency courses position the Ohio-based higher education institution as the regional leader and among the top universities in America with such kinds of educational courses.

Students interested in the two new cryptocurrency courses within the Carl H. Lindner College of Business can enroll in these programs this coming autumn.

The University of Cincinnati affirmed in a news release that these new courses would promote the learning of virtual assets and blockchain technology. Kautz and Uible made a donation recently to facilitate the two new cryptocurrency programs.

In 2019, these two philanthropists established the Kautz-Uible Economics Institute together at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. The Kautz-Uible Cryptoeconomics Lab is a new facility dedicated to cryptocurrency.

It is the first-ever laboratory to be named in the college’s forthcoming 180,000-square-foot Digital Futures building. Moreover, the Kautz-Uible Cryptoeconomics Lab will open this autumn and will consist of spaces for classrooms and laboratories.

Per the University of Cincinnati’s press release, it will concentrate on applied research and offer opportunities for public-private partnerships on digital expression, transdisciplinary research, and technology.

We think the University of Cincinnati made the right decision to offer the two new cryptocurrency programs. After all, we want to emphasize that cryptocurrencies are inevitable and significant components of the financial world’s future.

We believe many students who will take an interest in studying cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will benefit substantially from the University of Cincinnati’s two new cryptocurrency courses.

After all, we think they will find the themes highly relevant and applicable later on once they step into the real world of contemporary finance.