Scam Warning Before you invest in any online platform, read the advice of the experts at


Lately, we are witnessing an alarming rise in fraudulent offers for investments online. These newly formed investment firms, which often boast wild and intangible profits, are a clear and present danger to your finances.


We at Bitnomics have decided to be proactive and enlighten our customers about the dangers, the signs and the precautions to be taken, for a safe and secure currency exchange. 


As part of the scammers’ attempts to legitimize their operations, they often choose to connect between the cryptocurrency exchanges and their fraudulent investment schemes.


What are the telltale signs of a scam investment offer?

  1. They appear legitimate and oftentimes popular and successful. These operations produce flashy high-end websites. Don’t be fooled by this tactic. Substance, experience and transparency are the indicators of a successful investment firm.
  2. They will tend to contact you, and not the other way around. This is a clear sign that your information is in the wrong hands and that you are being baited.
  3. They might imply a cooperation with and ask you to sign up for a “investment account”. There is no such option on the site, and when you buy the crypto currency, enter a wallet address provided by them and then they might point out that the exchanged currency was sent to “your investment account”. 
  4. They might provide you with a dashboard that looks professional and even exciting. It will probably include exaggerated information, distorted facts, inflated balances and positive numbers regarding investments. It is meant to falsely show profit earned and to convince you to “urgently invest” more money .
  5. They will probably not provide you with direct access to the wallet they ask you to place the coins in. 
  6. They will appear organized and professional, and they will probably even have a very friendly and sympathetic customer support department to complete the facade. By the time you realize you’ve been scammed, your money is in a wallet you have no access to, you cannot reach any one from the investment firm, the dashboard access is either blocked or shows a zero balance, and there is very little you can do. Your money is lost.


Do not be tempted to work with investment firms that have not been vetted properly. 

Do your due diligence, inquire and be informed about the investment opportunities offered to you.

And if you’re not sure, be sure.

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