US Real Estate Pros Accepting Crypto as Payment for Condo Units

US Real Estate Pros Accepting Crypto as Payment for Condo Units

Two real estate professionals in the US state of Arizona said they have been getting plenty of interest and inquiries for the luxury condominium units they are presently selling. They confirmed accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for the real estate properties currently up for sale.

We find this cryptocurrency-related report quite interesting and worth sharing with our readers. We think using cryptocurrencies in real estate property transactions demonstrates that these crypto-assets are getting many practical applications nowadays and becoming widely accepted in different businesses.

Based on the news posted online by ABC15 Arizona, a local news outlet in the US state of Arizona, Ben Hudye and Johnathon De Young are two real estate professionals willing to accept virtual currencies as payment.

Hudye is the chairman of Scottsdale, Arizona-based real estate company, the Hudye Group. This business establishment is a family-owned-and-operated real estate and business investment firm that focuses on selling commercial real estate development properties.

Meanwhile, De Young is a real estate sales professional working for Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty. Based on his profile provided by his company, De Young specializes in the ultra-luxury part of the residential real estate market in Arizona’s wealthiest municipality, Paradise Valley, and its surrounding locations.

Hudye and De Young recently declared that they are selling four luxury condominium units in Scottsdale. As payment, they confirmed their willingness to accept crypto-assets from the interested buyers. 

Flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin is trading at exactly US$61,575.99 at the time of writing, per The four condominium units Hudye and De Young are selling have prices ranging from US$1.6 million to US$2 million.

Hudye shared his views regarding honoring virtual currencies as payment for real estate properties. The Hudye Group’s chairman cited that they are “breaking new ground.”

De Young remarked that Hudye had realized Bitcoin, Ethereum, and virtual assets, in general, are becoming mainstream asset classes. Hudye relayed that he still has many things to learn about utilizing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in business transactions.

He pointed out that people would see more of these digital assets in the future. The Arizona-based real estate executive described cryptocurrencies as extremely thrilling.

Hudye added that this feature makes him comprehend why people have involved themselves in cryptocurrency trading for a long time. We are glad to learn that cryptocurrencies are employed in some real estate deals in Arizona.

We think the two professionals, Mr. Hudye and Mr. De Young, are mindful of and responsive to the present times in which the real estate and financial realms are quickly evolving. As we believe cryptocurrencies are truly the future of financial transactions, we think more real estate professionals and companies will offer similar deals in the coming years.