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Bitfargo Review – What are the main reasons to choose this broker?

Bitfargo highlights

Because now there are so many retail brokerages operating, Customers are in a position to ask for competitive conditions. They not only need tight trading costs, advanced software, and a diverse asset list, but also educational resources and other tools that can support them when making difficult decisions. 

Aware of those facts is Bitfargo, an emerging brand with expertise in the field of CFD trading, bringing financial markets closer to the wider public. Here are just some of the main Bitfargo features that should be appealing for most Customers. 

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Trading on a large asset list

Covering a wide range of markets is now the new norm because this puts Customers in a position to take advantage of price movements across the board. With Bitfargo, customers gain access to FX pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and some of the popular cryptocurrencies. 

There are three account types available with Bitfargo (Basic, Gold, and Platinum), and each will come with a given number of features. Keep in mind conditions are different since the broker incentivizes large account holders more. 

By a large, Bitfargo is a place where you get More competitive conditions even if you choose to open a Basic account. The broker treats all customers with the same professionalism and uses its expertise to ensure an optimal experience. 

Bitfargo platforms

Nowadays, not only people who can dedicate their entire day toFinancial activity are part of the market. People who have a full-time job and their financial activities on a large scale. Under such conditions, they need access to a variety of software to help them and BitPargo has ridden for them a customized offer.

Bitfargo trading platforms offer

First, the Bitfargo WebTrader is a versatile and easy-to-use platform, accessible via browser on any type of device. If you want to access your account on a PC or laptop away from home, this would be the right choice. 

Also, there is a platform that can be downloaded and installed, which you can use where you’ll be trading most of the time. Last but not least, managing your account via mobile is a must, which is why Bitfargo offers mobile trading capabilities free of charge.

Other benefits

Although you can get started with Bitfargo in exchange for a low initial deposit (250 units), some interesting features should be mentioned. If you want access to trading education, the broker offers resources that deal with technical and fundamental analysis, online trading strategies, and others. 

Daily market analytics, video access, daily recommendations, and exclusive updates are available even if you hold a Basic account. Making live decisions as markets unfold can be done properly equipped with tools and the latest information. 

Bitfargo trading features

Bitfargo conclusions

It should be appreciated that Bitfargo operates for a global audience of Customers, not leaving anyone behind. The wide array of trading benefits makes this brand attractive, especially now there is volatility in shares, indices, crypto, and even some currencies, as the world is shifting towards monetary and fiscal policy normalization.