Cryptocurrency Industry Job Market Work Posts Pay Over US$100-K

Cryptocurrency Industry Job Market Work Posts Pay Over US$100-K

The cryptocurrency industry job market is currently in a recruiting frenzy. Interested candidates can expect salaries reaching north of the US$100,000-wage threshold.


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Based on the report posted online by conservative daily tabloid newspaper New York Post, which is published in New York City, the cryptocurrency industry job market is a bold new world. This sector is presently in a sizzling gold rush in staff recruitment.


Michael Hearne is the creator of the online docuseries “Uncensored Crypto” and chief executive officer of Decentral Publishing, specializing in producing finance-related educational content. He pointed out that the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industries have been in existence for more than a decade.


Hearne shared that candidates in the cryptocurrency industry job market looking to take the leap literally possess thousands of virtual currency-related jobs from which to select. He pointed out that the hiring boom appears to remain for the foreseeable future.


Hearne added that,,, and are websites that are easy to use and feature new cryptocurrency firms. He also mentioned that the short-term growth opportunities and hottest trends are working for business organizations related to the metaverse, gaming, and non-fungible tokens or NFTs.


In the cryptocurrency industry job market, not all of them are technology-based. Among the hot jobs and their salaries are technical blockchain evangelists, which pay wages amounting to US$161,070, sales managers or business partnership managers (US$161,050), and blockchain engineers (US$92,870).


Additionally, compliance associates (US$82,400) and recruiters (US$63,490) are in-demand today in the cryptocurrency industry job market. These employment positions’ salaries are based on the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook 2020.


Searches for careers in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have surged, per the latest Indeed report. Postings for jobs in the virtual currency field have spiked by 118 percent, as of July 2021, compared with the previous year.


Hearne cited that the objective is for virtual currency to work as its own monetary system. This cryptocurrency aficionado also mentioned that he hopes candidates in the cryptocurrency industry job market would soon negotiate virtual tokens the same way they negotiate fiat currency-denominated salaries.


We are enthusiastic about learning about the vacant or open employment posts in today’s cryptocurrency industry job market. We are also glad to discover the starting salaries for the in-demand work positions via this report.


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We think this current development in the labor sector demonstrates that virtual currency businesses help communities by generating rewarding employment opportunities for people seeking relevant and potentially future-proof jobs nowadays.