Blockchain​.com Intends to Hold Its IPO This Year

Blockchain​.com Intends to Hold Its IPO This Year

Blockchain​.com confirmed that it intends to conduct its initial public offering or IPO this 2022. The cryptocurrency financial services company is reportedly convening with banking institutions regarding its plan.


We are pleased to discover this report today about Blockchain​.com. We think our readers will also feel delighted to read this news about the cryptocurrency startup’s intent to go public this year.


With its IPO, we believe Blockchain​.com is set to expand from being a virtual currency startup into a publicly listed firm similar to Coinbase. According to the news posted online by Bitcoin, altcoin, and blockchain technology news source The Coin Republic, has commenced discussing with United States-based banking firms this week.


The financial technology startup is consulting the financial companies on how and when it would be best to conduct its IPO this year. was formerly known as


It presently has a market valuation of approximately US$14 billion. Moreover, started as the first-ever Bitcoin blockchain explorer in August 2011, with Benjamin Reeves, Peter Smith, and Nicolas Cary as its founders.


Since its opening for business in York, the United Kingdom, this cryptocurrency industry player later devised a well-known cryptocurrency wallet that accounted for 28 percent of Bitcoin transactions between 2012 and 2020.


On its official website, touts itself as the world’s most popular method of selling, buying, and trading cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it noted that millions of investors have trusted it since 2011, with more than US$1 trillion in virtual currency transactions. is headquartered in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, and has about 185 employees at the time of writing. It also operates a virtual currency exchange. Plus, it provides institutional markets with several other services like lending, business and data, analytics, and charts. will reportedly be the second cryptocurrency firm to go public if its IPO pushes through this year. Last June 2021, Coinbase successfully held its IPO with an initial cost of US$381 per share and a market valuation of nearly US$100 billion.


This first-ever major cryptocurrency company to list its shares on a United States-based stock exchange, Nasdaq, became a public firm through a direct stock listing. During that landmark event in the cryptocurrency scene, Coinbase shares jumped, exhibiting that investors are hungry to get a piece of the hot market for virtual currencies.


Similar to, Binance US also reportedly intends to go public, allowing itself to raise capital from other investors, according to its chief executive officer, Changpeng Zhao. We look forward to’s upcoming IPO.


We agree that such an event is a milestone occasion for the cryptocurrency startup and the entire cryptocurrency scene. After all, we believe it demonstrates cryptocurrencies and firms relating to them are gaining ground and have a promising future.