Binary Options Trader Offers Tips to Fellow Traders

Binary Options Trader Offers Tips to Fellow Traders

Rajesh Khanna is a writer for Recently Heard, an India-based news outlet. He is also a binary options trader who gave some advice to his fellow traders this week.


We want to help our readers, who are binary options traders, achieve the best outcomes in their journey. We think this informative online discussion will benefit them.


Based on Khanna’s article posted online by India-based news source Recently Heard, he shared his experience of going to a binary options trading website lately. He remarked that he had witnessed a top dog binary trader earn more than US$20,000 that day.


Additionally, Khanna wrote that he saw the second-place trader making over US$17,000 on that same day, while the third placer took home cash worth in the neighborhood of US$13,000. He stressed that these handsome amounts of money the traders earned are daily figures.


The Recently Heard writer and binary options trader motivated the readers to engage in binary options trading because they can also achieve a lot financially. Khanna gave some insights regarding the trading activity’s concept.


He described binary options trading as involving simple trading techniques. Traders can add a few twists or modifications to their methods, and he recommended they do so with other strategies and spreads.


Khanna affirmed that binary options trading is merely about traders choosing “up or down.” He cited that traders may remark that such a reality applies to other trading types.


However, the Recently Heard writer and binary options trader said that there is a dissimilarity between binary options and other trading activities. He cited stock market trading as an example.


Khanna explained that stock market traders could generally hold a stock for many years. He said that stock market trading is similar to other markets like futures and foreign exchange trading.


Nonetheless, Khanna pointed out that binary options expire and that most of them do so hourly. Therefore, trading gets concluded at some point.


Khanna advised binary options traders to treat their trading activity similarly to an enterprise. He expounded that a typical business establishment has a plan.


The Recently Heard writer and binary options trader mentioned that traders should also have a blueprint. After all, entrepreneurs can refer to their plan and check where they failed if their business gets off track, and such a scenario applies to binary options trading.


Khanna encouraged traders not to listen to huge financial companies and other binary options critics that dissuade them by saying binary options trading will not let them make a full-time living online.


Furthermore, he said that traders could achieve earning up to US$20,000 per day as opening a trading account merely takes a few hundred dollars.


Khanna remarked that they should believe in themselves and claim that binary options trading is like their business, helping them earn life-changing amounts of money as income.