Spain-Based Nebeus Boosts Cryptocurrency Application

Spain-Based Nebeus Boosts Cryptocurrency Application

Nebeus has tapped the service of Modulr to improve its cryptocurrency application. This Barcelona, Spain-headquartered financial service provider also aims for card issuance in its latest initiative.

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According to the news posted online by Finextra Research, a website delivering the latest reports on financial technology, retail banking, and wholesale banking, Nebeus is a cryptocurrency application developer.

It offers an ecosystem of virtual currency services, such as cryptocurrency-backed lending and insurance. Additionally, Nebeus offers a virtual currency exchange, cryptocurrency wallet, and cryptocurrency staking and renting services.

This financial service provider has tapped the service of Modulr to add Visa credit cards, fiat accounts, and real-time payments to its cryptocurrency application.

Modulr is a financial service provider with headquarters in London and Edinburgh in the United Kingdom and Dublin, Ireland.

It offers Payments-as-a-Service, embedding payments in other platforms, automating payment flows, and enabling customers to launch entirely new services.

Hence, Nebeus’s cryptocurrency application will get boosted by Modulr’s embedded payment features, such as Sepa Instant, Direct Debit, and Faster Payments.

Furthermore, Modulr will help the cryptocurrency application developer by issuing branded physical and virtual cards to their clients across Europe and the United Kingdom.

These “out of the box” features comprise spend controls, card-freezing, and real-time spend notifications. Thus, besides Nebeus’s cryptocurrency services, it will be able to offer its customers a Visa card to spend fiat money.

Additionally, clients can avail of a dedicated digital account with unique Sort Codes and Account Numbers in British pound sterling or GBP and international bank account numbers or IBANs in euro or EUR.

Michael Stroev is the chief operating officer at Nebeus. He cited that they could build new services and products to attain their mission and scale at pace through harnessing Modulr’s embedded payments platform.

Stroev also affirmed that their mission at Nebeus is to bridge the gap between traditional money and cryptocurrency by offering financial technology or fintech and cryptocurrency services for all their clients’ needs.

We find Nebeus’s cryptocurrency application and its latest partnership with Modulr revolutionary.

We want to emphasize that cryptocurrencies are futuristic, giving us a glimpse of what the digitalized financial world looks like in the near future.

We want to congratulate Nebeus and Modulr for their collaboration which we believe will certainly benefit the cryptocurrency application users and financial consumers overall.