Enhances Cryptocurrency Education at US University Enhances Cryptocurrency Education at US University

Students interested in honing their skills in cryptocurrency and Web3 will benefit from’s latest initiative.

The popular cryptocurrency platform to sell and buy virtual currencies has partnered with Florida International University or FIU in the United States.

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Based on the report posted online by FIU News, the official news website of Florida International University in the United States, partnered with FIU to expand Web3 and virtual currency education at the US university.

This alliance will create a talent pipeline for present and future FIU learners interested in cryptocurrencies and Web3.

Additionally, and FIU’s tie-up will aid in identifying the new opportunities for students interested in financial technology and Web3 via continuing education, intentional curricular, and co-curricular courses and programming and through FIU’s Innovative Education and Student Success initiatives.

The new partnership showcases’s commitment to accessibility and education. Lane Kasselman is’s chief business officer.

He remarked that education is important for cryptocurrency to hit mainstream adoption. Kasselman cited that they at are honored to collaborate with FIU to bring cryptocurrency education to the next level.’s chief business officer also mentioned that they are delighted to equip the next generation of talent with the tools they require for careers in Web3 and beyond.

Kasselman relayed that their latest joint initiative with FIU is a component of their commitment to investing in the local communities where they work and reside.

Elizabeth Béjar is FIU’s chief operating officer, executive vice president, and interim provost. She remarked that FIU prides itself on student excellence and impact.

Furthermore, Béjar mentioned that the Florida university is recognized as the United States’ leading source of minority graduates in STEM or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

She affirmed that FIU graduated over 5,000 information technology and computer science professionals in recent years.

Béjar also said they at the Florida university look forward to developing the next generation of technology talent in collaboration with

We are delighted to read this report regarding working together with Florida International University to enhance Web3 and cryptocurrency education at the higher education institution.

We are well aware that is among the world’s most trusted and prominent cryptocurrency platforms for trading virtual currencies.

We think its latest collaboration with FIU is important because we believe the future of finance is digital.

We think and FIU will be significantly instrumental in molding the next generation of the workforce with the essential skills they need to be capable of delivering financial products and services to consumers in the highly digitalized financial world.