Nigerian Startup Promotes Cryptocurrency Literacy in Africa

Nigerian Startup Promotes Cryptocurrency Literacy in Africa

Olympus is a financial education platform based in Nigeria that aims to spread cryptocurrency literacy in Africa. According to its official website, this fledgling company is a startup consisting of a team of “audacious” virtual currency experts who aims to educate 1,000 individuals about how they can make US$1,000 per week free of charge.

We are enthusiastic about reading this report about Nigerian firm Olympus. We think it demonstrates the significance of acquiring cryptocurrency knowledge and awareness and their advantages to today’s people.

Based on the report posted online by Nigerian news website The Street Journal, Olympus has recently renewed its commitment to bridge the information gap around crypto-asset transactions in the financial sector. Victor Louis Adegunloye spoke to journalists.

Olympus’s chief executive officer and co-founder affirmed that his company had already trained over 30,000 individuals so far. Adegunloye added that at least five percent of these learners presently earn approximately US$100 to US$1,000 per week.

The cryptocurrency education startup head confirmed that they at Olympus desire to empower these beneficiaries of cryptocurrency literacy in Africa by taking advantage of new, emerging technologies. He also mentioned that their platform presently has 2,000 active users and other learners from more than 60 nations worldwide.

Aside from Nigeria, these territories are mostly in Africa, such as Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa. Adegunloye said that their operations are all organic at this time.

Furthermore, Olympus’s co-founder and CEO announced that they would be launching their dashboard within the next quarter. Regarding the motivation behind Olympus’s establishment, Adegunloye remarked that he felt worried that people are abused by the Central Bank of Nigeria’s prohibition of financial institutions from giving financial support to cryptocurrency traders.

He said that this reality is why Olympus conducts weekly seminars for interested learners. Adegunloye pointed out that they want to teach people about cryptocurrency-related opportunities while making a technology center to train Nigerians on blockchain applications and financial technology.

Overall, Adegunloye said that it is Olympus’s plan to help people earn money and provide them with pertinent cryptocurrency information and knowledge. He relayed that their initiative will boost cryptocurrency literacy in Africa, enabling people to take advantage of blockchain opportunities, make better financial decisions, and give their families better lives.

We want to congratulate Mr. Adegunloye and Olympus for their strong advocacy of cryptocurrency literacy in Africa. We think his brainchild is a 100-percent laudable effort.

We gathered that the Nigerian government via the Central Bank of Nigeria is concerned about fraudulent cryptocurrency trading operators. Thus, this scenario has created the crypto-asset knowledge gap, restricting people from learning cryptocurrency investing and trading fundamentals and benefits.

We understand that Olympus makes it possible for people in Nigeria and other areas to understand cryptocurrency trading and investing in-depth. We believe spreading cryptocurrency literacy in Africa via Mr. Adegunloye’s startup honors people’s rights to financial information and upgrading their quality of life for the long haul.