UK Generation Z Cryptocurrency Investor Talks of Promising Venture

UK Generation Z Cryptocurrency Investor Talks of Promising Venture

Woody Harrison is a 16-year-old entrepreneur from the United Kingdom who is a Generation Z cryptocurrency investor. He recently shared his experience about his endeavor, which he sees as promising.


We are interested to learn about Generation Z virtual currency investors, and we think our readers will also find this report about them interesting.


We believe that with today’s information technology and social media-savvy generation, it is unsurprising to discover that even these young people are already engaging in cryptocurrency investing.


Based on the report posted online by British free-to-air TV news channel and organization Sky News, Harrison engaged in purchasing limited edition trainers or running shoes to resell online.


This teen entrepreneur used eCommerce websites like eBay and Depop. Then, Harrison felt bored during the coronavirus or COVID-19 lockdown, and so he searched for something new to do.


The Generation Z virtual currency investor discovered cryptocurrency via TikTok tutorials and YouTube videos. These online resources helped him learn how to trade crypto-assets.


Harrison cited that he took some of the money he made selling trainers and clothes across Depop and other reselling platforms. Then, he remarked that he invested his funds into various cryptocurrencies.


The Generation Z cryptocurrency investor said that his investment was worth £250, or US$328.86 at the time of writing. Over the past two years, Harrison shared that he has watched his cryptocurrency investment grow.


The teenage entrepreneur’s virtual currency investment is worth more than £1,000, or about US$1,315.42 in today’s US dollars. He relayed that he intends to pour his cryptocurrency investment earnings into his fledgling clothing business.


We find Woody Harrison’s experience inspiring, and we believe our followers and their teenage children will also feel the same way.


We have observed that the members of Generation Z, or people born from 1997 to 2012 and are presently aged 10 to 25 years old, have many opportunities to save money for college and their future, thanks to cryptocurrency.


We think the Generation Z people are, indeed, not limited to washing cars, babysitting, mowing lawns, and doing newspaper rounds anymore when desiring to earn their pocket money and savings for the future.


They can earn their money online, making them very much different from the previous generations like the Millennials, or those born from 1981 to 1996 and are currently ages 26 to 41 years old; and the Generation X, or those born from 1965 to 1980 and are ages 42 to 57 years old at the time of writing.


We believe more Generation Z people like Harrison will turn to cryptocurrencies to finance their hobbies and college fund. We think this trend merely shows that virtual currencies are truly helpful to adults and young people alike.