Oryen Soars 120% During ICO and Sets New Yield Farming Standards

Oryen Soars 120% During ICO and Sets New Yield Farming Standards

United States – Oryen (ORY) sets new requirements for yield farming at its Initial Coin Offering or ICO. The price boosted from $0.05 to $0.075 until it reached $0.12 at its second presale phase.

Yield Farming is a common vocabulary for investors in the digital asset industry or the DeFi industry. It’s like typical banking, where funds earn the depositor’s interest via staking. Users earn cryptocurrency rewards for putting assets into a contract or a pool.

The new DeFi project, Oryen (ORY), is at its ICO phase, capitalizing on the concept to earn crypto users an incredible passive income. Digital asset investors thought it took more work to get a solid ICO project with assured returns because of the price volatility and the diminishing cryptocurrency activity.

The ICO token of Oryen cost $0.05. However, the price increased to $0.075 through the second presale phase. The cost is $0.12 at the start of phase four. Crypto experts expect the process will hit $1 once it’s launched.

Oryen is passive profit on a different level, and digital asset investors are searching for ways to expand their digital asset portfolio as a tactic to approach risks and create a stable passive income. However, Oryen set standards by covering the consequences and fulfilling the users’ wants with a referral bonus of 20% upon acquisition.

The OAT or the Oryen Autostaking Technic doesn’t need holders of ORY to be a pro to join in betting, unlike other competitors in the crypto industry. OAT facilitates the gambling process effortlessly. It offers $ORY token holders a fixed APY or Annual Percentage Yield of 90% compounding features and a daily ROI or Return on Investment of 0.177%.

The tax structure of the buy-and-sell rewards users by helping them to keep more tokens for yield setting. As a return, there’s high liquidity that increases prices. It’s the reason why the daily price increases. Moreover, a part of the tax goes to crypto users who sell Oryen tokens to establish liquidity and the project’s treasury.

On another note, FTM or Fantom is one of the digital assets that experience tough competition from the Oryen Network. This digital asset is a layer-1 Blockchain that endures performing well in the digital asset industry. On the other hand, Oryen proved itself as a better crypto platform for investors who wants passive income with lesser effort.

Terra (LUNA) is also another crypto with the most controversies. The stablecoin collapse of this crypto is one reason why the controversies exist. On the other hand, despite the issue involving Do Kwon and Terra Labs, it’s not a competitor for Oryen.